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Human beings are unique to one another. We each have our own voice, confront our own challenges, and develop in our own ways. My teaching embraces these differences, and aims at a personalized method for inspiring students that gives them the confidence they need to project their own ideas clearly and powerfully. As an immigrant who struggled for years to find the expressive media that best represented my musical identity, I understand that developing personal creative, experimental goals, having the courage to present them, and following through with skill training in order to offer something well-crafted and genuine, are incredibly difficult tasks that require the highest level of dedication.

The guidance I provide for each student depends on what area I feel each student needs most in order to progress, and so I owe it to the student to be open-minded, thoughtful, accepting, challenging, and to be constantly inventing ways to approach each unique obstacle my students face. Through this process I learn as much from them as they do from me.

Through my workshops and masterclasses at higher education institutions like Manhattan School of Music, University of Texas at Austin, Susquehanna University,  San Antonio College, and from my years as a graduate teaching assistant at Stony Brook University, I feel determined to form a community of creative graduate students at a college level, and to help push this aspect of the new music scene forward. While I have not yet had the opportunity to be full-time faculty at a college or university due to my concentration on performance, I feel ready to plant myself more firmly in the New York City area and to share my knowledge and experience through such instruction.

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