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BLUEPRINTS is a series that unites pianists from different musical genres for eclectic concerts that present traditional classical music alongside contemporary works (including premieres), jazz and free improvisation. These unusually varied programs are each inspired by an aesthetic theme, or blueprint. The blueprints tie seemingly unrelated works together; we hope our series does the same for pianists, allowing a diverse group of musicians, who might otherwise never meet, to share its expressive identities. Our goal is to establish a community of pianists, and show how works of very different musical contexts may be fundamentally related.


One of the strengths of music centuries ago was that composers were often performers and improvisers themselves. Today, music is more fractured, with experts in more distinct styles and less of a connection between these styles. Classical, contemporary, jazz, and free improvisation do interact indirectly, with musicians in each occasionally drawing inspiration from the other fields. But it is rare for a single concert to bring such varied elements together. Our concerts would help to break down aesthetic divides by illuminating deep connections between the music of these very different genres.

Pianists in New York are incredibly busy with chamber music, accompanying, other ensemble opportunities, and teaching. It's rare for most of us to be able to perform solo works. Along with generating a community of musicians and listeners, we want to give pianists in New York the opportunity to perform the solo piano works they love in an open and supportive environment.

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