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"… dynamic playing … Dohi’s technique is decidedly unidiomatic." Maria Jean Sullivan, CLASSICALITE

"(…) superb delicacy and tenderness (…)  Dohi’s fluidity and vitreous motions as she played exquisitely mirrored in the sublime sonic resultant. (…) (Her) playing brought an additional flamboyant exchange of technical mastery through powerful idiosyncratic grooves." 

Kevin Baldwin, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN  

“Individually and collectively, they played magnificently.” Michael West, The Washington Post

“The most enticing and rewarding show featured Sandbox Percussion and pianist Erika Dohi, backing soprano Elspeth Davis in a mesmerizingly psychedelic, often utterly chilling performance (…). (Her) ghostly, starlit restraint in Crumb’s creepy recasting of the lullaby All the Pretty Horses was just as impactful.”  Lucid Culture / New York Music Daily




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